The first Jumper Skirt (JSK) that I sewed


I'm really happy with the first JSK that I made. I had the design on my mind for already one year, until I knew about the tea Party that was going to be held at #SJE2015 at Chile, because... Aoki Misako was going to attend that Tea Party!!

Of course I was really excited about it, so I decided to take the fabric that I bought and start making the pattern, cutting, sewing, you know.. making a dream come true.

As my time was very limited, I had to sew some minutes every night before going to sleep. 

Let me explain you some of its details:
  • In the back:
    • I sewed it as a corset, so it could be possible to adjust the waist.
    • Also, I cut the fabric in a way that a little cute image can be noticed between the JSK's laces.
  • At the front:
    • This is the best part, let's say the fashion point of the JSK. It has flowers and leaves embroidered! 
    • The top part has embroidered details too
  • The lower edge:
    • It is not straight, it has waves that let see the laces of the inside part
Then, what do you think about the first JSK that I sewed? ( ⋂‿⋂’)

I wanted to give my best on the first one that I made, I wanted it to be almost perfect, not just what everyone can see, but also the inside part. In the last picture that I leave here, you can see it, isn't it prolix? I think it is, and I'm really proud of it. (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
This was the first one, so the next one should be better, hope I can do it!


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